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Tar & Gravel to TPO Flat Roof

This home is 37 squares or 3,700 square feet. We tore off two layers of roofing, installed a ¼ inch per foot tapered insulation system, and installed 60 mil white TPO. City code only allows 2 roofing layers, so we tore off all the way to the deck!

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Are you considering installing skylights to add more light in the home? Skylights bring in natural light and can make a room appear bigger.  Skylights come in different sizes, colors, shapes, materials, and can be operable. While there are many things to consider, here are some general advantages and disadvantages for skylights.

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Before & After TPO ReRoof

This large home in the North Albuquerque Acres took our TPO crew three days to complete. The project came out to about 49 squares or 4,900 square feet.

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