1.  Keep canales and drains free of debris.

2.  Clean out your downspouts and gutter systems every fall and spring.

3.  Check penetrations, skylights, and chimneys for any cracked seals.

4.  Trim back trees from the roof.

5.  Have your roof checked yearly for any maintenance needs.

What is “maintenance” on a tar and gravel roof?

Q. Your tar and gravel roof is only 4 years old and you already have a leak. You call your roofer to come out and look and they tell you that your roof needs maintenance. Why does this happen and what exactly is “maintenance”?

A. “Maintenance” on a roof is similar to maintenance on a new car.  Your car is brand new, but you still need to get an oil change, tires rotated, etc. Over time, seals on penetrations and canales will crack. This happens because the seal will expand and contract with changes in temperature. This is normal and doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the roof. The seals just need to be scraped and redone.

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