We see a lot of wildlife here in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. Deer in the foothills, hawks flying near the bosque, coyotes throughout the neighborhood.

Seeing this wildlife can be exciting; however, pests can look for shelter and safety in your attic space or on your roof. This can cause damage to pipes, underlayment, sealants, shingles, etc.  They can try to make weak spots in your roof to burrow inside.

Here are some of the common pests that can wreak havoc on your roof. 

Mice, Rats & Raccoons

Mice, rats and raccoons have long teeth that can gnaw and chew at the roofing structure and material. These pests can walk in sealant and possibly ruin the seal on a roof. They can also expose your family to droppings, odor and disease. 


There aren’t a lot of squirrels in Albuquerque, but we have spotted some on roofs. Like rats and mice, squirrels are avid gnawers and can chew away roofing materials and create a hole to get into your attic space. They can create nests in your attic and leave behind urine stains and unpleasant odors in your home.


Termites can be a particularly dangerous infestation in wooden structures, including your roof. They like warmer weather, so they are more likely to be found here in Albuquerque. Termite infestations are difficult to discover and are known as silent offenders. Not being able to spot these pests quickly can weaken the roof (if there is an infestation), making it prone to loose tiles, holes and possible structural damage.

Birds and Bats

If you have a rotten or weak wooden roof structure, it can be a great place for birds and bats to make their nest and leave pathogen-infested droppings. Pigeons especially like to make a home in a tile roof. These can further weaken the boards of your roof which can break away when just a little force is applied to them.

Wasps and Bees

Wasps, bees and hornets can attract a number of different pests to your roof that can cause significant damage to your roof. If a tiny hole opens into your room, these insects can get inside your house, create a nest and can become a hazard to the safety of your family. 

Not only do these pests weaken your roof and are a safety hazard to you and your family, but they can also make your roof more vulnerable to leakage and water damage. It is imperative to act quickly if you suspect any pests might be living in your attic space by calling out an exterminator to remove the pests. While we are not exterminators, we can help repair the roofing damage before it becomes a larger problem. Give us a call today at 505-842-7663.

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