This project was 21 squares or 2,100 square feet. We tore off 2 layers of roofing. We did not do any work on the carport. We replaced all canales with TPO canales. We decked over seven duct penetrations. We mechanically fastened a 1/2” per foot tapered expanded polystyrene insulation system over the roofing substrate and mechanically fastened Carlisle Sure-Weld TPO (60 mil). We installed TPO flashings up to the inside corner of the parapets. We installed termination bar at edge of all flashings and caulked them to seal. We installed boots on all penetrations, clamped and caulked. We inspected and probed all seams and detail work. We worked on this roof for two days. On the first day we had 9 men working from 7 AM until 5:45 PM. On the second day, we only had 3 men working from 7:00 AM to 4:45 PM finishing up detail work. We pulled a city permit in order to do this work and passed final inspection. Our TPO roofs carry a full 12 year labor and 20 year material warranty.

Basic Advantages to TPO Roofs:

  • Resistant to fire, chemicals, grease, high winds, and punctures

  • Installed without disruption to building operations

  • Highly reflective, the white membrane delivers real cost savings for building owners and managers

  • Cost effective

  • Code compliant

  • Professionally installed

  • Backed by the industry’s best warranties

If you are interested in more information on TPO or would like an estimate, give us a call at 505-842-7663.

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