When it comes to remodeling the roof on a multi-family dwelling, special considerations must be made in addition to careful planning to ensure your present and future tenants are ready for the remodel. 

The main consideration a property owner should make when choosing a local company for a condominium re-roof project is experience with this type of housing remodel. An established roofing company, such as ours, will have the man-power to complete the project in a timely and efficient manner. Choosing quality materials is also key as you do not want problems after the new roof is installed and also ensuring proper permits are established. God forbid you pay the big bucks for your apartment roof replacement only to have the City come and tell you to rip it back down and start over. Changing the roof on one home is awful but changing the roof on fifty homes, yikes. So most importantly, you get what you pay for in a Roofing Contractor. If you want less hassle, go with an experienced company. 

Which leads us to our next consideration, materials. Assuming you have an established multi-family complex, you are likely pigeon-holed when it comes to materials based on the type of roof - flat or pitched. There are options with both but, durability and cost efficiency should weigh heavier compared to curb-appeal. If the roof is professionally installed, it will look good no matter what proven material is used. With that said, it is probably wiser to go with Shingles or Metal on a pitched roof as opposed to Ceramic Tiles which are extremely costly to replace. Keep in mind, new material choice should only be taken into consideration if your contractor has assessed and determined a full roof remodel is best for your individual project needs. If smaller repairs can be made and the roof saved - this would be our best recommendation.    

Finally, be sure to plan multi-family roofing very carefully and communicate with your tenants and office staff in a timely manner regarding project details with as much advanced notice as possible. A disgruntled tenant is the last thing you want or need, especially considering this is the remedy to a likely annoying and on-going problem.  Any well established Roofing Company with the resources to take on this type of endeavor, will likely give you time to plan for the construction down-time, don't take this for granted. 

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