In these times of financial uncertainty, we are all trying to cut costs any way we can. Small changes can make a big difference in our wallet.

While solar is an awesome way to cut energy costs, it is an added price tag to have them installed and one must thus be cautious of the cost of installation vs. the energy savings over time and carefully analyze if this is truly a good investment. There is also the issue of decreased curb appeal with the addition of solar panels to your roof. Below is a breakdown of the best roofing decisions based on energy cost savings alone.

    1. Avoid dark colored exterior roofing materials. Dark colors attract the sun while light one’s deflect its rays. Granted, there are additional elements available today and roofing technologies which allow a darker shingle roof selection while still being cost effective on your energy bill but if you are choosing a roof purely for the energy savings, a general rule is to go with a lighter shade. On a flat roof, for instance, choosing a TPO in white will reduce your energy cost from the first day of installation. While dark colors and contrast can create breath-taking curb-appeal, tan colored pitched asphalt shingles, a light grey to silver colored metal roof and/or cream to faded shades of red ceramic tiles against a light exterior paint can also be attractive offering a very clean and elegant curb appeal while also saving a little $ on your monthly energy expenses. Talk about instant gratification!
    2. Invest in the latest roofing technology. Roofing systems, processes and procedures are constantly growing and evolving. Many of these shifts in materials and practices are specifically to cut energy costs for the homeowner. Granted, this is where roofing experience comes in handy. While one can read all the ten-step articles out there, the most efficient way to invest in the latest and greatest technologies for energy efficiency and cost savings is to simply ask a roofing expert for recommendations based on your particular home and/or business. 
    3. If you have an attic, be sure it is properly insulated. Your roofing material could be durable and last you another several years if you simply invest your time, effort and/or budget for preventive maintenance services from a professional roofing contractor to make sure your attic is in tip-top shape and thus not allowing heat and/or cool temperatures into your home. This simple and low-budget step could equal big savings on your energy bill. For all of you pitched roof folks, do not take your attic for granted.   

These are the main three considerations one should make when choosing a roof based on energy cost savings. We hope this article helps to make your roofing decisions a little easier and please contact us with any questions you may have. 

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