Want to extend the life of your roof? Invest in preventive maintenance service once a year and/or when you notice something out of the ordinary such as a leak.

A little proactivity can save you a lot of money on having your whole roof replaced before its time.   

The life expectancy of a flat roof can be proportional to the maintenance done on it. Some assessors use 10 years as an average life cycle, although this is dependent on the type of flat roof system in place. Some old tar and gravel roofers quietly acknowledge that unless a roof has been neglected for too long and there are many problems in many areas, a BUR (a 3- ply built up roof of tar, paper and gravel)  is designed to last approximately 15 years.  Lack of maintenance can shorten this life expectancy dramatically. 

Annual maintenance means inspecting seals on protrusions like vents and plumbing pipes. Canales, drains, and wall flashing laps also need to be maintained. Another important maintenance item, often neglected, is to simply keep the roof drains free of debris. A clogged roof drain will cause water to pond, leading to increased "dead load" weight on a building that may not be engineered to accommodate that weight. Additionally, ponding water on a roof can freeze. The expansion of water freezing can cause minor cracks to burst open and result in a leak.

Maintenance also includes keeping the tar paper covered with gravel. Bare spots will develop in time and these can be covered by applying new gravel in an asphalt adhesive. Areas left uncovered will wear out faster than they should due to sun exposure.

Maintenance may also include fixing blisters, bubbles, or buckles that may not yet be leaking but will leak over time. They may need experienced help as they require scraping away the gravel on a cool morning when the tar is brittle, cutting open, and covering with plastic cement or mastic and mesh. Any moisture trapped in a blister has to be dried before being repaired.

At Alvarado Roofing, we want to give you the long-term satisfaction you deserve from your new roof and/or an existing roof that is in pretty good shape. Our maintenance and repair services are simple, easy and painless. Schedule an appointment, we will come out, ask you the age of your roof, inspect the condition and give you a free estimate. This evaluation includes a list of suggested repairs we believe are critical to extending the life of your roof in addition to the information you need to make sensible, cost-effective roofing decisions.

Don’t take a chance! Whether you are a new home owner and your inspector told you to take care of a minor roofing problem, or you have a new roof that was installed to your older home; just like a car, a roof needs maintenance too!


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