This project was 204 squares or 20,400 square feet. There were five different buildings with 4 units in each building. We tore off the existing roofing and installed a hot mopped modified bitumen system. We cleaned all pipe flashings, vent flashing and canales to the metal and primed. We installed a heavy fiberglass base sheet. We installed one ply of fiberglass ply IV sheet with 30 lbs. of hot asphalt per square. We hot mopped one layer of polyester reinforced modified bitumen mineral surfaced cap sheet. We also hot mopped SBS flashing on all parapet walls. We installed one breather vent for every 800 sq. ft. of roof area. We three-coursed all pipe flashings, vent flashing, canales, and tops of parapet wall flashings. We applied aluminum coating to all three-coursed areas.

This took our crew 10 days to complete. We worked two days on each building and had approximately 10 men working from 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM every day. Some days were longer and some days were shorter. This project was an insurance claim due to hail damage and we met with the homeowner and insurance company to make sure everything would go smoothly.

We had to pull a commercial city permit for this project and passed final inspection. Stay tuned for next month’s post about Albuquerque city permits if you would like to learn more!

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