This roof is 40 squares (4,000 square feet). We tore off the existing tile, furring strips and underlayment. We installed a new Titanium UDL-30 underlayment, new 1X2 furring strips and new Eagle concrete tile. This homeowner chose the Malibu profile with the color “Slate Range."

We do not replace the actual tile itself very often. We usually reuse the existing tile, but replace the underlayment and furring strips. We mortared all pipes and details as needed. Our tile reroofs carry a 7 year labor warranty. We pulled a city permit for this roofing project and passed final inspection. Tile roofs require more labor, so it takes quite a bit longer to replace a tile roof compared to a shingle roof. If we replaced 40 squares of shingles, we would most likely finish it within 2 days. This tile roof took our crew 7 days to complete starting at 7:00 AM and working until 4:30 PM every day. The crew started out with 6 men for the first 5 days and then we only had 3 men for the remaining two days.

There are many advantages to having a tile roof. Here are some advantages and benefits to both Tile & The Eagle Roof Brand:

  1. Tile roofs have many different styles and colors to choose from. That is if you decide to change the tile itself rather than just the underlayment.
  2. Tile roofs have curb appeal.
  3. Tile roofs have great durability:
  4. Eagle roof tile is Class A fire rated.
  5. Eagle roof tile passes freeze-thaw requirements.
  6. Eagle roof tile can resist damage from hail storms with stones up to 2”.
  7. Eagle roof tiles can help reduce energy costs. There is air circulation under the tile that can help with heat transfer.

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