This project took our crew 30 days to complete. We had approximately 8 journeymen working from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM every day. We usually work later in the day, but to accommodate the residents at this apartment complex and rush hour, we started our clean up at 3:00-3:30 PM. That way we would be out of the complex before 4:00 PM. Our crew tore off the existing cedar shingles, installed a synthetic underlayment and installed pressure treated cedar shingles.

We used GAF’s Tigerpaw for the synthetic underlayment. We did not replace mansards on every building in this apartment complex. We replaced 114 squares or 11,400 square feet of cedar shingles on seven buildings. We hauled away 72 cubic yards of trash and old shingles throughout the entire 30 days!

Many of these apartments are 2-story, so we had to set up scaffolding every day to ensure our workmen were safe while they installed the new roofing. We pulled a commercial permit through the city and passed final inspection. While we mostly install dimensional shingles, our crews still have a lot of experience installing cedar shingles. 

Here is basic information on GAF Tigerpaw:

  1. It is resistant to wrinkling and buckling during installation.
  2. You can install different roofing types over it, including; asphalt shingles, slate, wood, metal and tile.
  3. Can stand up to UV rays for up to 180 days if exposed.
  4. It has a surface that is safe for installers and provides excellent walk-ability.
  5. It has 7x greater tear strength compared to other underlayment because of its synthetic, non-woven construction.
  6. Many conventional felts can disintegrate over time; however, Tigerpaw will not rot nor become brittle.

For more information on GAF Tigerpaw:

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