This home is 56 squares (5,600 square feet) with a 1 square (100 square foot) shed. We tore off and installed new shingles on the shed.

On the home, we tore off two roofing layers, installed a ¼ inch per foot expanded polystyrene tapered insulation system, and installed 60mil TPO. The tapered insulation system helps with completely flat roofs by adding a ¼” per foot slope to direct water to the canales and off the roof.

Our TPO crew worked on this roof for 3.5 days starting at 7 AM and working until 5 PM. We replaced 24 existing canales with TPO canales and also added 6 new TPO canales for added protection from water damage. We also replaced 2 - 2X4 skylights. We pulled a Rio Rancho city permit for this home and passed final inspection.

Benefits of a TPO ROOF

   Resistant to fire, chemicals, grease, high winds and punctures
   Installed without disruption to building operations
  Highly reflective, the white membrane delivers real cost savings
   Code compliant
   Professionally installed
   Backed by the industry's best warranties
   Budget friendly

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