This home is 31 squares or 3,100 square feet. We tore off 1 layer of shingles and installed a metal roof. This roof took our crew 5 days to complete starting at 6 AM and working until 5 PM. Metal roofs are more labor intensive, so it does take our crew longer to install compared to a shingle roof. We installed 2X2 drip edge, 50 feet of new ridge vent, and replaced one 4" vent cap. This home is located in Tijeras, so we obtained a county permit. All roof replacements require a permit through the city, county, state, etc. We get permits and final inspections on ALL of our work! FINAL INSPECTION for the above roof remodel = PASS.

Metal roofs come in different profiles and colors. We typically order our metal from either Metal Mart or Metal Center. See below color and profile charts. These are printable PDF files for your reference and/or to get a head start on your own roofing project.

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