This home is 37 squares or 3,700 square feet. We tore off two layers of roofing, installed a ¼ inch per foot tapered insulation system, and installed 60 mil white TPO. City code only allows 2 roofing layers, so we tore off all the way to the deck!

This project took our TPO crew 3 days to complete starting at 6:30 AM and working until about 6:30 PM. We replaced all canales with new TPO canales (12 canales in total). We also replaced 5 skylights on the home. Since we installed the tapered insulation system, we had to work with RMS Services (subcontractor) to raise a few gas lines on the roof. We have worked with RMS on many projects in the past for disconnecting and reconnecting HVAC units or raising gas lines. We applied synthetic stucco over all parapet tops. We pulled a city permit for this roofing work and passed the final roof inspection.

While we attempt to be perfect on every job, construction can be messy and slip-ups are inevitable. We unfortunately ran into rotten decking and stepped through the ceiling. Our crew worked with the customer to get the damaged area fixed thus looking as though no foot came through the ceiling. Big thanks to our warehouse supervisor, Jonny Zavakos, for helping us get the drywall and paint repaired. Take a look at the before and after images below.

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