This large home in the North Albuquerque Acres took our TPO crew three days to complete. The project came out to about 49 squares or 4,900 square feet.

There were different challenges that our crew was faced with when replacing the roof. There are many areas to roof (9 in total) and access issues. You have to go up and down different levels to get to the driveway, where our work-trucks were parked with material and dump trucks for roof removal. We replaced all 16 wood canales to TPO canales. We offer a 12 year labor and 20 year material warranty on our TPO roofs.  We obtain appropriate permits for all reroof jobs. In this case, since this home was located in North Albuquerque Acres, we obtained a county permit.

There are many benefits to installing TPO on your home. Our customer chose the white color TPO. The white TPO has the highest initial solar reflectance index (SRI) at 99 and 3 year aged solar reflectance index at 85. The tan has 86 at initial SRI and 77 at 3 year aged SRI. The gray has 53 at initial SRI and 48 at 3 year aged SRI. Some HOAs (such as High Desert) require SRI to be at the gray level, so make sure you do your research before you install TPO! Along with TPO being exceptionally reflective, it also carries a UL 2218 Class 4 hail rating, which may qualify you for a discount on your home insurance. TPO is 100% recyclable making it environmentally friendly. It is resistant to impact, low temperatures, heat, solar UV, ozone and oxidation. 

Whether or not you are interested in TPO or the old-fashioned tar and gravel, give us a call and we can help you understand the differences and what might be best for you!



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