Adding gutters or downspouts to your roof is an excellent way to direct the flow of water from the roof.

Instead of having water pour off the roof, you can direct it to go down the side of the home to a rain barrel or a more desirable location for water to pour out.

Canales, gutters and downspouts can get clogged up and cause more problems than necessary. They can get clogged up from leaves, twigs, bird waste, garbage, etc. It is essential that you have these cleaned out twice a year or water may back up and seep into the wall around the canale. If you can’t get up on the roof or don’t know anybody who can, you can contact a handyman to get them cleaned out. We recommend having one of the cleanings done right before monsoon season.

Alvarado Roofing, Inc. does not install gutters or downspouts, but there are some contractors in Albuquerque that we recommend! Give us a call for more information or referrals.

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