Here are some helpful tips to consider as we get ready for the monsoon season.

  1.  Clean out all canales, downspouts, and gutters. That way the water won't get backed up if there is any debris blocking these areas.

  2. Get your yearly roof check done in early spring. If there is any maintenance needed, you can get this completed prior to the rainy season.

  3. Cut back any tree branches that can damage your roof/home with strong winds.

  4. Conduct a water test on your roof. If you have had leaks in the past, the rain can be worrying. Take a hose up on your roof and test the problem areas to see if any leaks show on the inside. You can get it repaired prior to the monsoon season.

  5. Inspect your house for any spots that may allow water to get in (windows, stucco, doors, etc.). When you get leaks in your house, your first suspect will be the roof, but water can get in many different areas.
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