10 tips to prepare for a home roof replacement.

      1. The day the roof is to be done we typically will show up at day break (timing depends on the time of year) and work all day until the job is completed.  If we can’t complete the job in one day, we will work until the job is “dried in”.  This is to assure your home is watertight overnight.  Since we show up at daybreak, your vehicles will need to be removed from the garage and driveway the evening before if you plan on leaving during the day.
        • If we are tearing off the roof, we need to get a dump truck close to the home and that is usually the garage area.
        • We will need quick access to the trucks for tools and materials.
      2. If you have any yard items that could be damaged by flying debris from the roof, please remove or cover up.
        • We try to be careful while removing the roof, but it is possible that debris can damage yard items such as pots, outdoor chairs, etc.
      3. If your evaporative cooler is located on the roof, please have the water line valve and electrical switches turned off to the cooler.  When the job is complete, you will need to turn the water and power back on so proper operation can be completed.
        • If you are unsure what to do, please give us a call and we can help you.
      4. We will need access to the backyard for cleanup.  Please have any pets relocated so that we may do so.
        • The reroofing process can be extremely loud and cause anxiety in pets. It is best to have the pets relocated while we replace the roof. If this is not a option, we recommend keeping them indoors so that we can clean the backyard and not cause any more stress to your pets.
      5. The roofing procedure will cause vibrations to the ceiling and walls of your home.  Please make sure all fans, light fixtures, paintings and wall mountings are well secured or remove them.  We will not be held responsible for something that falls within the home.
      6. If you will not be at home the day of re-roofing, please provide a phone number to reach you in case your presence is required.
      7. If your home has skylights they will require removal to flash properly.  Please lay a towel under them as a small amount of debris may enter the house during the re-roofing process.
      8. If a permit has been posted to your home, please leave it for the city inspector. We will be by the day after the work is completed to drop off a ladder for the city inspector, but will be by later that day to pick it up.
        • All roof replacements require a permit from the city, county or state. This depends where you are located.
      9. We will not be held responsible for fine tuning your satellite dish. We try very hard to realign it, but it is possible that you will have to call your provider to fine tune the satellite dish. They usually charge a fee to realign the dish.
      10. Check your ceiling throughout the home and especially in the garage. If there is an exposed ceiling, it is possible that debris can come through with all the vibrations and pounding during the process. You can remove valuables from this area or tarp the area that is exposed.


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