Tesla Solar Roof Systems are coming to Albuquerque. This is an ideal market for solar panels and Tesla Energy has taken this one-step further by developing a roofing system which couples state-of-the-art roofing tiles and solar panels in one.

Of course, this will take some time before actual installation and as it is, Tesla estimates a one to two-year wait with a $1,000 down payment to secure your place in line.

The future is indeed upon us and what an exciting time to be a roofing professional. While the science and technology is very new, it seems like a promising roofing alternative for both low and average to high-income folks alike and of course the cost and energy savings that comes with conversion away from electricity dependence.

Being an early adopter of these new roofing systems will likely come with a hefty price tag and installation learning curves so Alvarado Roofing recommends, buyer beware.

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