If you were like many Albuquerque, NM residents, you were recently hit hard with one of the biggest hailstorms the city has ever seen.

Watching the hail fall from the window in my home, it looked like the sky was having a giant snowball fight, except with hail instead of snow. Within minutes, my entire front and back yard were covered in ice.

Where does hail typically do the most damage? Your roof and/or your car. We’re here to help and make the process as easy-as-possible for all home and business owners that were impacted by our recent hailstorm.

Check out our Free Step-by-Step Guide on handling Natural Disasters’ post if you are one of the impacted families suffering from damage to your roof and don’t delay on filing your claim.

For additional details, below is a link to a local Albuquerque, NM KRQE News Report regarding this recent storm and its aftermath.

Albuquerque hit hard by biggest hailstorm in years.


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