Are you frustrated because you can’t seem to figure out where your leak is coming from? Every time it rains, you get a reoccurring leak, however, it seems impossible to trace its origin.

You or a roofing specialist can do a water test at home to see where the water might be entering.

First, put a bucket and/or towel under the spot where the water usually intrudes. To further any interior damage, we recommend poking a hole in the drywall so the water has a way to exit.

Next, go up on the roof with a hose and flood directly above the area that usually leaks. Wait a couple hours to see if the water comes in – it can occasionally take a while. If the area does not leak, the water can be coming in somewhere else (parapets, plumbing, gutters, etc.). If the area does leak through, you should investigate the roof to figure out what might be causing the leak.

If you know for sure that the leak is coming from your roof and/or you would rather have us facilitate the flat roof water test, call the professionals at Alvarado Roofing and we will happily finish the job.

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