Beautiful archways, granite countertops, high ceilings, calming cream and tan exteriors, many of us fantasize about achieving this tranquil home design for ourselves and we cannot forget the most important element: the stunning color contrast and perfect curve of the Terracotta roof atop the most authentic of these homes.

Terracotta, which translates to “baked earth” in Latin, is a clay-based ceramic tile that comes in both glazed and unglazed varieties. Throughout history, Terracotta has been used for pottery, sculptures, bricks and tiles – evidence of both its beauty and durability. Tile roofs incuding terracotta, are so strong, in fact, that the underlayment will fail before the roof itself!

The perfect ceramic roof will give your New Mexico home that warm summer feeling, even in the cold winter months. Why spend a fortune on a trip to Tuscany this year when you can bring Tuscany right to your front door?

Whether it’s a new home or re-roof project, Alvarado Roofing has the expertise to make your ideal Mediterranean home a reality. Call or email us today for your complementary consultation.

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