I think we all can agree that a sturdy, problem-free roof over our heads is rather essential. Below we have laid out the five critical signs to look for to determine when your shingle roof needs to be replaced and how quickly you should act once these problems are recognized.

  1. Your roof is nearly 25 years old. A traditional asphalt shingle roof typically lasts 20 – 30 years. This is a nice halfway point between that approximation and it allows you time to save, research and prepare for your roofing project as opposed to having to replace it spur-of-the-moment when/if the whole structure starts falling apart.
  2. Your roof is sagging. Unlike the first sign, a sagging roof is time to panic, why you ask, because this is likely an indication of a structural issue such as a foundation problem. Now it’s not necessarily a 911 contractor emergency if the sagging is small and confined. If you allow it to progress, however, this will lead to huge problems thus it is imperative to call Alvarado Roofing at the first sign of ANY sagging in your roof.
  3. “Curling” shingles. There are two types of shingle curling to be aware of; cupping, which occurs when the edges turn upward and clawing, which is when the middle curls up and the edges stay flat. Both types of curling indicate that there is substantial weathering which means that leaks are coming soon. If you notice these signs, schedule a consultation. Depending on the severity of the curling you will have anywhere from one to five years to replace your roof.
  4. Missing or cracked shingles. We all know that you can just slap new shingles on when old one’s are missing and/or cracked, however, depending on how old your roof is, we may not be able to match the color or style exactly. If you don’t mind the aesthetics so much as-long-as it is functioning properly, this will buy you some time. Cracked shingles are a sign of wind damage so if it’s just a few cracked shingles in a single area of your roof, it is okay to just replace the cracked one’s but if the cracking is sporadic and all over this is a sign that you have a bigger issue and will likely need to replace the whole roof.
  5. Granules in your gutters and/or moss and algae on shingles. If you have recently had your roof replaced, there is no need to worry about granules in your gutter, likely this is just excess. If your roof is older, ten to fifteen years approximately, granules are a sign of too much wear and tear. The granules protect your roof from the hot New Mexico sun and without them, your roof will deteriorate rapidly. Moss and algae on the other hand will not lead to major problems other than it doesn’t look so appealing. Do not try to power wash or scrape it off yourself as you may strip the granules along with thte algae and moss. Some like to replace their roof at this point just to avoid the look of it.
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